Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Wife Is Pregnant Comics at Summer Komikon 2013

The Touchdown

My Wife Is Pregnant's print edition was finally (yes, finally!) released last Summer Komikon 2013. The event took place last April 13 at Pasig City's Bayanihan Center - which got heavily jam-packed with the huge number of attendees!  

Photo credits: Robin Rivero

Me, Joy and Yuri arrived at the venue around 10:30am but the books came much later. It was almost 2pm when Gilbert Monsanto arrived with the copies. I thank the good Sarge for helping me out with it despite how busy he has been lately. He's been through tough times but he still made it to the Kon.

Of course, it was indeed a beautiful feeling to finally hold the comic on my hands for the first time! 

Photo credits: Danry Ocampo

Summer Komikon's Youngest and Cutest Cosplayer 

In case you missed it in the first picture, yes, Yuri cosplayed during the Kon. He was Superbaby  that day! However, Renie Palo (one of my Bayan Knight buddies) often referred to him as the official "BK Mascot" haha!

Photo credits: Renie Palo

Close Encounter With The Online Friends

While waiting for the books, I also got to hang out with a few friends around the convention area. If I'm not mistaken, its my first time to meet Edelrita Rizo in person. Those who have bought a copy of MWIP will know she wrote some kind words at the back cover. She also helped promote the title before the Kon - and even during! She posted a picture of the comics on her Facebook and encouraged people to check it out right away. She's such a cool girl!
Photo credits: Redg Vicente
 I also met good friend and Indie Komiks Reviews partner-in-crime Kristopher Garello for the first time today. He asked for a quick sketch on his notebook. I gladly obliged! He was the only one to ask for a sketch te entire day haha! 

John Amor was also around, along with his wife and the other Tres Komikeros dudes. I wish I chatted with them a little longer. Maybe next time!

Rappler Interview

Another highlight of the day was that Rappler's Jerald Uy dropped by our table and interviewed me - which I'm really grateful about since it gave me an opportunity to tell people about the book. 

Photo credits: Renie Palo
The interview can be viewed here: 

The Buyers

Pitching the comic to con-goers was really a thrill. I enjoyed interacting people and telling them what the book is all about.

It was also flattering that some big names in the industry visited me and bought a copy. First, there's Josel Nicolas. It was a starstruck moment when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pulled 70 bucks out of his pocket to pay for a copy. It felt surreal!

A pretty lady also came that day and told me "Kanina ko pa hinahanap ito eh." Which made me smile! I asked for her name before signing the comic and she simply said "Nida." I then recognized her as Visprint big boss Nida Ramirez! Now that's starstruck moment #2 haha! My heart melted.

Speaking of signing, I had fun writing short messages for the buyers. I mostly wrote "Thanks for buying a copy. Go forth and multiply!" ehehehe...
And oh! The Amazing Spider-Dan also purchased a copy of MWIP! What cover did he get? Well, obviously...

Post Kon Celebration of Sorts

Before 7pm fell, I went around and dropped by Omeng's place. I delivered his copy of MWIP. On my way back to our table, I chanced upon Robert Magnuson and chatted with him a bit. He's such a down-to-earth dude, it felt like we've been buddies for a long time. Haha! I rushed to get my copy of Bully Saurus Rex (which I've been reading to my baby since he was 3 months old) and had it signed. He wrote "To the Maxwell Saurus, ROARRR!!!" That was extremely cool! This is starstruck moment #3 haha! I left with a huge smile on my face. A friend asked, "Sino yun?" and I replied "Si Robert Magnuson. Idol ko yun." Too bad copies of his Kuting Magiting were sold out early in the afternoon.

After the Kon, we had a lovely dinner with our beloved friends Myke Guisinga and Robin Rivero. Choi Lat also joined us there. Thanks to you, Myke and Robs, for making our stay comfy and special! 

Overall, I'd say this is the most fun and most memorable comic convention I attended so far. Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of My Wife Is Pregnant. Also, huge thanks to Gilbert Monsanto for all the support and for reserving a spot for the comic on his table.


Photo credits: Renie Palo
Photo credits: Gener Pedrina

Super Maxwell and his new playmate!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Maxwell Yuri Goes to Baguio (Day One)

We recently visited the City of Pines last February 8 to 10. This makes our first out-of-town trip as a family.
Needless to say, we had lots of fun. Here goes some of the pictures we took:

 Maxwell Yuri enjoying his seat at the bus.

Naturally, our first stop when we arrived was SM City Baguio
We had to grab some food and so we tried out Kimbob's! 
I liked it, except for the spicy thing. Joy didn't like it at all haha!

Pahabol sa Chinese New Year hehehe.. After leaving our stuff at the baggage counter, off we went straight to Mines View (to take more pics, of course haha!)

... and in rented Igorot costumes, no less! :D

I forgot the dog's name but I heard he's just 1 year and 9 months old :)

Yuri's new-found lola at Mines View hehe..

Check out the smirk!

 After Mines View, next stop was The Mansion and Wright Park:

My two inspirations!

At this point, baby wasn't too interested with the horses anymore. I'm guessing all he wants is to get a little rest.

We then headed back to SM  and used our gift certificates haha! 

Like a boss!

Monday, September 24, 2012

its been a year and its been awesome!

Today, we celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Looking forward to spending many, many more years with my wife and Maxwell Yuri! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet Maxwell Yuri

The baby has officially arrived! Ourdear blog readers, please meet our cute little boy, baby Maxwell Yuri Gungon Rosario! Born July 26, 2012 with a weight of 4.6 lbs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A new addition to what keeps us busy when we're spending time together here at home :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Typical Travel Experience With A Pregnant Woman

"Hhhmm.. Nakatingin sa malayo at may hawak na plastik."


"Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nyan.. Susuka na yan hahaha!"

"Kitams!" :)