Friday, September 30, 2011

Tanduay First Five 2011

Angel and Meme gave us two tickets for the First Five concert as a wedding gift. Cool! I've been anticipating this gig for the longest time.

So off we went to the venue despite the rains and the floods, not minding it all just for the sake of catching 5 awesome bands in one stage - especially Wolfgang! The band haven't played live for quite some time and I'm really eager to watch them again.

We arrived at CSI City Mall by 8pm. Chicosci was already playing. Too bad, Wolfgang went first. Argh! We then settled for the four other bands. HAHAH!

Sandwich gave a superb performance. Electrifying as always!

Kamikazee's Jay Contreras was his usual quirky self, performing stunts and quipping funny lines althroughout the set. This guy could make a living being a stand up comedian just in case he quits the band haha!

Finally, there's Parokya ni Edgar which successfully led the crowd to singing their past and current hits.

In short, we had fun. We were so wet from head to toe when we went home. We wore our FMCC shirts (pictured below).

Her shirt:


These shirts were also wedding gifts courtesy of good friends Myke and Robin. Thanks, you too, for an awesome, awesome gift! We loved it so much!

Anyway, this is our first concert together. We're looking forward to watching more - and we're hoping to see Wolfgang next time around! :)

We'll be posting our pics soon once they're available.

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