Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Movie Marathon

Thanks to the long weekend, we got our chance to stay at home for two days and catch new movies we've recently missed - plus a few classics we've always wanted to see.

Here are some titles we loved among the videos we rented:

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
I loved Jack Sparrow, she liked the mermaids - until she saw what they can do! Heheh.. This was another fun installment of the hit franchise. Looking forward to more adventures with everyone's favorite suave pirate!
Gnomeo and Juliet
Its Shakespeare plus Elton John music plus Pixar-flavored animation. She picked this one and we had fun watching it. This is one movie where you will hear Ozzy Osbourne's voice as - believe it or not -a garden deer. Hahah!

This is highly recommended for families.

 Green Lantern
 Finally had my chance to catch this. Personally, I couldn't get while a lot of people were pissed with this.

Of course, it's not the best superhero film out there (that spot belongs to Captain America, I think) but this is nonetheless good. Ryan Reynolds fits right in as cocky pilot Hal Jordan. The CGI was pleasing and the story's really simple. This one is about being chosen, living up to the expectations and turning weaknesses into strengths.

As for my favorite scene, I'd say it would be Sinestro's transformation into a Yellow Lantern!  

Patch Adams
I've heard lots of good things from friends about this film and so we also got this. Simply put, we weren't disappointed. Hope more doctors would watch this film and learn from it. If they don't want to be as funny as Patch, well, fine! Just at least try familiarizing themselves with patient names and show more care and concern :)

Message in a Bottle
An outdated yet cute love story with a tragic ending. The film stars Robin Wright Penn, a Chicago Tribune researcher and Kevin Costner, a guy who writes letters for his dead wife and tosses it on the sea. Overall a great film. Nuff said!

 I Am Sam
This was a must-watch for the both of us, she being a Special Education student and me being a Beatles fan since high school. This is a touching movie about a mentally-challenged father trying to keep his daughter. The first few minutes of the film was a good way to learn what's going on inside the mind of people with developmental disability.

Sean Penn's performance was praiseworthy.

Of course, Eddie Vedder's rendition of "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" was both unexpected and particularly exceptional. And oh. I NEED a copy of this film's soundtrack!   

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