Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trip to Cebu Philippines Temple

We recently had our chance to visit the Cebu Philippines Temple. This is a dream come true - thanks to awesome friends Sherron and Agnes!

Here are some pics upon our arrival at NAIA:

While waiting for our flight, we were surprised to see this old man reading THAT magazine:

I approached him and introduced myself. Turns out he was a former bishop at Cebu... It was really nice to meet a fellow LDS at a huge airport. What are the chances, right? :) 

Now here we are upon hitting Mactan Airport. We arrived past 9pm already. 

We were tired and hungry (but still managed to crack a smile while Manong Guard took this shot) and so we rushed our way to the temple housing. 

We got to visit the temple the following day and it was truly a majestic sight to behold.

Naturally, we cant resist but take a few pictures of ourselves as well :)

We then went out to have a dinner with Bishop Gaso at AAB BBQ. Such a kind-hearted family!

Now this is how the temple looks like at night:

With several sisters from Bacolod :)


Third day started really early with the two of us visiting the temple again. We just love this place! So peaceful and beautiful!

We also too the time to visit the nearby Taoist Temple but that might be a separate blog entry. For now, I'd say one of the highlights of our whole trip was the mini-PDM Reunion with Bro. Faune - another mission-friend who is based in Cebu.

Day 4 was even earlier since our flight was scheduled around 5am. Surely, we hope to come back next time and travel the place more..

Goodbye for now, Cebu! We hope to see you again soon!

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